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Hello and welcome to my profile page.  

Let me start by saying very few people set out to be a Realtor as their first career. It is more of awinding path you walk; and as time goes by, all your experiences kind of lead into this path. If you took a poll it as to why, it would be as diverse as the days in a year. It is something you grow into.  The best ones I have met have always been from very diverse backgrounds. I have seen no real pattern, just motivated people with the love to help people and somewhat driven by attention to detail.

    I grew up on Long Island (Seaford) and by age 16 I knew that I would be enlisting in the Navy. My time growing up on Long Island was listening to all the stories from my father about life on Long Island NY, the bay, the farms. As a young man he worked on the farms, spent many an hour out on the water for his seafood, how good the local Long Island Sweet corn was. And still is. Some of my best memories are drifting across Great South Bay & spearing for eels.  If we were lucky, we would see a summer flounder (fluke) hiding in the mud. Now I tell you spearing an 8-10 pound fish was something.  If you had the time and a very strong crab net, you could hit one on the tip of the nose and they would flop into your net. But if it was not strong enough you would lose both. Having net & spear at the ready, & don't forget the oar to keep you on course. If you did not time it right and the water (tide) went out too soon you would find yourself doing some old fashion calming as you pulled your boat to deeper water. If you were unlucky (or not in a rush) you would end of spending the next 6 hours waiting for the tide to come back in. Dad always taught me to pack a little extra incase you did get caught with the tide going out. A few times a good clam knife was all that was between a long hungry day. I could go on for hours; it was great place to grow up. 

I had my 1st boat by the age of 8, and worked my way up to a good sixed inboard by the time I was 14. Even after my senior prom, I took a group of my school mates out on the great South Bay for a little moonlight cruise. I learned to swim as soon as I could crawl. Growing up and working at the local marinas only fueled my passion for the water. Every dollar I made went into bigger and better boats.  By the time I old enough to drive, I was motoring around in a really nice boat.

 It seemed almost natural to join the Navy, Traveling around the world by water just seemed the right way to go. My 1st tour of duty took me to Naples, Italy. After 4 years working on an Island just off Naples (Nisda Island),  from there on 3 different ships , tours in Mare Island California, Jacksonville, Florida , Cuba, yes I did say Cuba, after getting my Schooling for Energy Conservation and saving  the Navy over  $25,000,000. During this time I was TAD to the Seabees. I think I could write a whole book on that experience alone. The highlight was the job as the Energy Conservation Manager in GITMO with 18 hour a day for nearly 16 months. It took its toll with the worst part being separated from my family. Since the base made its own water, water conservation was the focal part of my job. I had set the limits to the population for the Island with the numbers I had set for camp population vs. the amount of water.  We could produce and still have a safety net if the plant failed and still ensure that all 50,000 refugees and base personal had the water required to survive.

All this brought me into Real Estate, having such a diverse background enables me to better connect to the prospective buyers and sellers. It has worked out well. I was the Rookie of the Year my 1st year. I than started the Eastern Shore Team. It seemed to be the best way to help our customers by combining all our team membersí strengths and providing the resources to better enable us to promote our listing by a larger combined advertising program.

 My last 4 years in the Navy I was an Information Technology manager for Fleet Training Center (FTC) Norfolk. I managed a 1,000 computer network both for the hardware side and software. I have training in fiber optics, CD course programming and other IT fields. All this has helped the Eastern Shore Team to be the #1 team on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. In 2007 we were awarded the Coldwell Bankers Diamond Society Team Award for 2007.


Please give me a call or email me if you think the Team or I could help you find that perfect property or help in selling your current home. We take our job very serious and will make your home buyer or selling process as easy as possible.

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Again, thanks for stopping on by.  Looking forward to be hearing from you. 


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